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This Rescue Dog Is Not Injured, Yet He Walks With A Limp, Which Adds To His Appeal.

Good Samaritans in Los Angeles, California, observed a homeless dog dashing across the crowded streets. They also saw that he hobbled as he walked, so they concluded he had a broken leg and required medical attention. So they drew the puppy to them and looked after him while they looked for aid.
Eventually, the Good Samaritans discovered a philanthropic organization called Hope For Paws. They waited to anticipate a response but wrote them an email nevertheless. To their astonishment, JoAnn Wiltz, a volunteer worker, headed out and met them as quickly as possible.
JoAnn didn’t have to do anything to attempt to catch the dog because the helpful neighbors had him secured when she arrived. But when she saw him, she realized she had to take him to the vet immediately. So she loaded him into her car and drove him directly to the clinic, naming him Smitty.
The tiny canine, no more than two years old, was overjoyed to be among humans. But, on the other hand, he was delighted to know he was on his way to a better life. He couldn’t control his enthusiasm, but he was also a well-behaved dog, so he sat down as JoAnn began to drive.
Smitty was examined thoroughly, and the doctors were relieved to find that he had no broken or dislocated limbs. Instead, he was diagnosed with radial agenesis, which means he lacks a radius bone in his right leg.
The Husky’s right leg hangs strangely, and he can’t use it to walk, yet it helps him maintain his balance. It also does not bring him any pain or suffering. Of course, it’s not typical, but his peculiarity makes him endearing.
Without needing surgery, Smitty returned to his foster home with Hollywood Huskies, a non-profit rescue organization in Southern California. He went going to his forever home in about two weeks.
Smitty may be unique, but he demonstrated that no condition should prevent someone from being happy. He decided to experience life and is thankful to his new father for giving him a chance.

Source?Hope For Paws

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