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In -45-Degree Weather, A Man Saves A Pit Bull He Found On The Road.

Six weeks ago, in North Dakota, a dispatcher named Tami Moore responded to a complaint involving a pit bull discovered lying in the middle of the road. The person who found the dog initially mistook her for a piece of cardboard. He then realized she was a sickly dog on the edge of death. Then, as the temperature plunged to -45 degrees Fahrenheit, it appeared someone had abandoned her.

Deputies wrapped blankets over the pit dog, now called Dreamer, and even used hot water bottles to help her warm up. They then brought her to a veterinarian for emergency treatment. Unfortunately, her temperature was low, and her heart rate was barely 35, indicating a little chance of survival.

The pit bull was released and taken to Journey Home Animal Rescue. However, she was not yet safe; thankfully, professionals and volunteers were motivated to assist Dreamer in thriving. They gave her meds, a special diet, and loving embraces.

Dreamer develops with each passing day. She is considerably more alive today than she was six weeks ago. The rescue dog is currently in a foster home and will be offered for adoption once she has recovered completely. Fortunately for her, she is being indulged and petted by her foster parents, as she deserves.

Meanwhile, officials have already discovered Dreamer’s prior owner and charged them with abandonment and animal cruelty for abandoning the unfortunate canine. If convicted, the culprit will serve several years in jail.

Following this event, the shelter staff advised pet guardians that dogs cannot endure extreme weather. Leaving the dog should only be an option if someone can provide for their dog. Instead, people should call animal rescue organizations to find more compassionate solutions.

Credits to Journey Home Animal Rescue

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