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Golden Retriever Loves To Sing And Has Wind Chimes As Her Musical Instrument

Ana Brown, the mother of a Golden Retriever named Bleu, accidentally discovered Bleu’s singing abilities. She hung an antique wind chime from a shepherd’s hook as she cleaned the yard. Four-month-old Bleu, who was extremely curious, bumped her head on the metal tubes.
Ana was momentarily on guard because she feared the sound might trigger the dog to panic. Instead, Blue was so enamored with the sound of the wind chimes that she began to sing. Ana decided to let Bleu continue with what she was doing.
Since then, singing with the wind chimes has become daily for her. She would go outside the house and sit by the wind chimes. She would move the wind chimes with her head, then sing along with her tail wagging. She would always have such a good time doing this.
Ana recorded Bleu singing with the wind chimes and uploaded the video online. People worldwide were amused, and the video received millions of views and many thousand shares. The video of Bleu was even shown on The Ellen Show Twenty Twenty Win, a TV show.
Bleu was unconcerned with her online popularity. She desired to relax and play her beloved wind chimes.
When Ana’s mother presented her with a new set of wind chimes, Bleu was uninterested. She only sang with her ancient wind chime, which she loved.
Bleu also makes her mother happy and proud by assisting her in raising awareness for colorectal cancer. Ana oversees The Blue Ribbon Run, a nonprofit organization that generates funds to fund important research to find a cure for colorectal cancer and educates the public about its prevention. Although Bleu could not participate in the races, his participation was important in publicizing the events.
Bleu is a gifted and altruistic dog.

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