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Stray Dog Keeps Returning To A Dollar General Store Because It Has Fallen In Love With A Purple Stuffed Unicorn

Like children, dogs enjoy playing with toys. It keeps them entertained when their human is working or busy doing household duties. Seeing how pleased they are during playtime, it is well worth it to provide them with their favorite toys.
However, stray dogs may only wish they had toys to play with. It can be lonely wandering the streets without anybody to play with.
A stray dog in Kenansville, North Carolina, was observed walking back and forth inside a Dollar General. It was observed visiting the business and cuddling a purple stuffed unicorn. He had been caught attempting to steal the toy not once but five times previously. This dog was interested in this fluffy toy.
When animal control officer Samantha Lane arrived at the store to transport the stray dog to the animal shelter, she was astounded by the canine’s intense want to have the purple unicorn. So she purchased the $10 stuffed toy to give to the animal.
When the stray dog and his purple unicorn were taken to the animal shelter, the workers gave him the name Sisu. The dog was named after the purple dragon that resembled a unicorn in the most recent Disney film, Raya and the Last Dragon.
Sisu likes sleeping on the unicorn and being constantly with it. Whenever someone comes to clean his kennel at the shelter, he fears his toy will be taken away. He enjoys it so much!
The story of Sisu has enchanted a large number of people across the United States. Numerous individuals have expressed interest in adopting the dog, but the shelter has found his ideal family. Sisu and his unicorn will be relocated to his permanent home once he receives all his vaccinations.

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