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Meet This Brave Dog Who Survived 7 Tough Months In The Wilderness

A puppy can only take so much. A German Shepherd mix, Teddy has faced more than his fair share of difficulties.

Teddy’s life was initially bright. A family adopted him to keep him from being euthanized. When things started to look good, the pup broke away from his fur parents and spent the next seven months in the woods.

Teddy has reunited with his family thanks to the efforts of several volunteers. Here’s the incredible story of the pup.

Teddy’s Escape Day

Teddy was adopted in 2021 by Rozhaja Doci and Della Monica, who enjoyed a happy family life in Washington, D.C. The pair thought Teddy was already socially comfortable, so they brought him to see their relatives in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of the couple’s nightmare.

On the other hand, Teddy was not ready for large crowds. As a result, he could flee by running through a gap in the backyard fence. His worried relatives looked for him in vain.

Teddy had been missing for seven months. But Rozhaja and Della never gave up hope. Teddy, after all, had been microchipped.

Teddy Has Returned!

Due to Teddy’s microchip, Rozhaja and Della received a call from Dog Rescue and Recovery in New Jersey. The puppy was discovered by the shelter above.

Teddy’s seven-month trek had covered an estimated distance of 80 miles. He crisscrossed Pennsylvania’s rural areas, searching for food and suffering harsh weather and terrain.

Teddy was found in poor condition by the people who rescued him. According to the vet, Teddy has a damaged tailbone and bilateral hip dysplasia. Unfortunately, one of his legs was rendered immobile.

According to Della, Teddy was most likely hit by a car, which resulted in his injured leg. However, there were other gunshot pieces in his torso, maybe from someone hunting birds.

Teddy is still recovering from his injuries. So, in terms of recovery, he still has a long way to go. But, on the bright side, he’s already home, and the love of Rozhaja and Della will carry him through.

Source: Teddy the Miracle Dog via? Instagram

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