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A Man Discovers His Missing Dog Two Days Before It Is Scheduled To Be Euthanized.

Barry Gearhart was devastated when his pit dog, Titan, went missing. That’s why, when he found out Titan was at an animal shelter, he immediately retrieved him.

This man had lost his dog a year before. His usual companion, Titan, accompanied him to West Palm Beach, Florida. He stepped out of his automobile and briefly abandoned his dog after parking his truck on the side of the road.

When he returned, Titan was no longer in the truck. He looked around but couldn’t find the pit bull. His cat was taken directly out of his car.

Gearhart was always looking for Titan. He cried every day as he thought of his dearest buddy. Finally, after months of seeking, he had given up hope of ever seeing him again.

Titan wound up at an animal shelter months after he vanished, unbeknownst to him. The dog’s journey to the shelter is unknown. However, he was carefully cared for by shelter staff while there.

Titan’s chances of adoption were minimal because he was a senior dog. The shelter enabled him to partake in socialization training to increase his adoption prospects. But no one came to fetch him. The shelter was forced to arrange the dog’s euthanasia.

Around the same time, Gearhart sought to locate his dog again. Titan’s photos were shared on Facebook by him.

One of the photos drew the attention of a shelter employee, who recognized the dog immediately. The shelter phoned Gearhart and notified him that his dog had been located. Unfortunately, Titan was scheduled to be killed in two days, so they pleaded with him to arrive soon.

Gearhart went straight to the animal shelter. But unfortunately, he discovered his dearest friend inside a kennel.

Titan growled and moaned when he met his fur father. He looked to be eager to go and return home. Gearhart was thrilled, mainly because he knew he had discovered Titan just in time.

They’re back at home now and having fun with each other.

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