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This Greyhound Melts Every Time His Owner Tries To Take a Photo And Be On a Photo With Him

Not everyone likes photos. To show discomfort, some frown or cross their arms but others go beyond that and do something funny. This applies to Sparky, a three-leg Italian greyhound that seems to melt when he is the center of attention.

Sparky literally melts every time his owner, Kennedy Simmons, wants to be on a tender photo with him. Dont think he is not photogenic! All the contrary, in fact, thousands of Instagram followers and followers from other networks enjoy his photos.

Fun, tender, adorable are some of the most typical words that describe this charming greyhound.

Its very funny to have Sparky around. He is goofy and naughty. If you do not have an eye on him, he snatches food from the table or goes get socks from the laundry room to play.

Sparky leaves you with a sour taste at times. He snatches food from the table but snuggles up on the lap as if he has done nothing. He is very brave!

Image credits:sparkytheitaliangreyhound

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