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This Dog Was Running Out Of Time, But His Rescuer Made Certain He Made It Out Of The Shelter Alive And Well

One day, a homeless dog named Bruno appeared in a Los Angeles neighborhood. He had a red collar, which led others to assume he had an owner who finally abandoned him. He was abandoned and left to his own devices for a long.
Danny Spanks, the chief rescuer of A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue, soon went out to meet the dog. He enticed it over with some excellent snacks and made quick progress. He assumed he’d be able to get it to safety quickly since it ate right out of his hands.
After a time, the rescuer rose to look for an ID tag on the dog’s collar. But as soon as he moved, the dog hissed and lunged at him. He was taken aback, but he kept calm and tossed treats to distract the dog.
Danny persisted in his efforts to acquire the dog’s trust. Finally, however, after a few days, he understood that the dog’s erratic and unpredictable behavior might worsen matters for him and the pup. So he phoned animal control, and the officers tranquilized the dog with a tranquilizer dart.
When Bruno awoke, he saw he was in a kennel. Fear caused him to shake. He wanted someone to tell him everything was alright, and it wasn’t until he saw Danny’s face that he relaxed.
Bruno lived at the shelter for two months, and Danny paid him daily visits. He warmed up not just to his savior but also to the shelter workers. He was finally ready to return home. But before meeting possible adopters, he fought with another dog and was placed in solitary confinement.
The dog was deemed aggressive and unfit for adoption. He had a week before he was to be put down. Meanwhile, Danny reached out to everyone he knew, and Leanne and Kathryn from Canine Adoption and Rescue League stepped forward to help.
Bruno is overjoyed to be free of the shelter. He became close friends with Leanna and Kathryn and has continued to win the hearts of many others. He tries hard to find a new home and will undoubtedly find one soon.

Credits and Picture: A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue

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