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On His Walks, The Dog Insists On Carrying A Bag Of Bread

Meet Nikolai, a dog who enjoys carrying various items in his mouth. It makes him feel helpful around the house, and he always looks cute.
According to Allie Rudman, Nikolai began bringing objects to his mother Allie Rudman, when he was approximately ten weeks old. The pup began by bringing his mother’s shoes and her vehicle keys; later, he started getting other items.
This helpful pup feels compelled to bring something with him on his walks. It might be something that any other dog would pick up, such as a plush animal, or it can be something utterly odd. For example, Nikolai once stole his mother’s backpack; the next day, he stole an empty cereal box.
Rudman had recently returned home from the grocery with some groceries. When asked whether he wanted to walk, Nikolai ran into the kitchen and grabbed a loaf of bread.
Rudman let the dog have it. She imagined he brought the loaf since it was his favorite. But instead, Nikolai carried the bread the entire way and never dropped it. Meanwhile, his mother was giggling the whole time.
People who saw Nikolai walking about with bread in their mouths couldn’t help but laugh. That day, the dog provided a lot of delight to their neighbors.
According to Rudman, some kids even laughed at the dog when they saw him carrying the bread. They thought it was fantastic.
Since then, the dog has walked with rice cakes, small bagels, and other baked items. As a result, he has picked a theme.


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