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A Dog Left Alone In The Middle Of The Night Is Rescued And Recovering.

Christie Chipps Peters, the director of Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC), an animal shelter, noticed an abandoned dog called Olympus under her office window at approximately 9:00 a.m. The dog was as slender as a skeleton. It was a marvel he was still alive.
She rushed him to her car. Christine wasn’t sure whether Olympus would survive the journey to the animal hospital despite her seat warmers and the heat on high.
When he arrived at the hospital, the professionals worked quickly to elevate his body temperature. Unfortunately, Olympus was so chilly that the thermometer did not register a reading. Furthermore, his blood pressure was so low that doctors could not insert an intravenous line—however, all their hard work paid off in the end.
They managed to warm up Olympus and began by providing subcutaneous fluids. After that, all the crew could do was pray and hope that the dog’s body would be strong enough to survive the night.
Olympus miraculously survived. He was soon able to eat and keep his meals down. However, despite his better condition, he is still in danger. He still needs a lot of prayers and love.
Meanwhile, the RACC seeks the individual responsible for Olympus’ negligence and abuse. Fortunately, local officials received security camera footage and followed up on many leads.
Security footage shows the unfortunate canine being dumped on the pavement at night. In the video, Olympus also collapses while attempting to chase after his owner. He had to wait outdoors in the cold for seven hours before Christie discovered him.
It’s unclear when Olympus will be available for adoption. However, the animal shelter has stated that they will offer updates on his health and when he will be ready for adoption.

Credits and picture to Richmond Animal Care and Control

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