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A Dog Who Was Set On Fire Is Now A Therapy Dog For Other Abuse Survivors.

When you first meet Denali, the therapy dog, you would assume she is the happiest and friendliest dog ever. However, many individuals are unaware that the pit bull has had a traumatic event.
Denali’s fur parents had a horrific quarrel three years ago. And since she was the husband’s favorite dog, Brandi Corrigan targeted the unfortunate dog.
Corrigan brought the other dogs outdoors but doused the pit bull in gasoline and confined her in her box. She then sets fire to their house, leaving Denali to suffer alone. Fortunately, she was rescued and taken from the flames before it was too late. However, she was severely burned and had little chance of survival.
Denali, on the other hand, somehow survived and is currently flourishing. Karey Burek, her foster mom, adopted her in 2019, giving her all the love she deserves.
According to Burek, Denali still has some scars from her most severe burns. She has gone through a lot, but it doesn’t stop her from loving and caring for others.
The pit bull won justice in 2021. Unfortunately, the culprit received an eight-year jail term from the court. However, the dog has been doing considerably better after the terrible episode.
Denali now works as a therapy dog. She consoles persons with special needs, kids, airport passengers, and older citizens. Her most recent assignment has been to assist survivors of domestic violence. Denali can empathize with other abuse survivors because of her own experience. She demonstrates that things can improve, especially when surrounded by people who love and care for you.
This pit bull’s story demonstrates that a happy ending is achievable despite life’s difficulties. Despite her sad history, Denali always meets humans cheerfully. She never holds grudges and is always polite to everyone.

Credits to?Suncoast Animal League

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