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This Amusing Dog Believes That She Is The Best Dog In The Doggy Day Care

On West Street in Raleigh, a doggy daycare and off-leash dog bar usually filled with dogs frolicking and playing together. However, amidst all the dogs having fun, one dog named Pogo refuses to join in on the fun and mayhem.

This American bulldog-boxer mix prefers to sit on a barstool like a person would rather than play with the other dogs at the daycare. Pogo can observe and evaluate other dogs from her perch to her heart’s content. The expression on her judgmental face shows that she is not impressed with any of them.

Recently, a video of her has gone viral, and people have varied explanations on why she doesn’t want to socialize with the other dogs. Some people believe that Pogo is an introvert, while others assert that she does not like dogs. Regardless, the person who shared the video online believes that Pogo is a unique doggo.

Pogo’s mother, Grace Wheeler, is an employee at West Street, and she brings her dog to work every day. According to her, sitting on furniture is Pogo’s way of showing superiority over the other dogs. She has always climbed onto chairs and other items designed for humans.

In addition to sitting like a person, this judgmental queen has also learned other human behaviors. Pogo enjoys cuddling and sitting on chairs, benches, and even people. The dog also enjoys vehicle rides so much that she would hang one of her paws out the window.

This dog’s unique behavior has garnered great attention at the dog bar. Her mother said that Pogo has many fans already.

The doggie daycare also talked about the dog on their Instagram page, causing people to seek her out.

Wheeler adores Pogo even though her dog does not want to play with the other dogs. What is important to her is that Pogo brings her happiness.

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