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Tasa The Dog Survives A Wild Coyote Attack, Thanks To Her Doggo Friend

A canine named Tasa was rescued by a dog named Bella from a wild attack by a band of coyotes.

Tasa and Bella are practically inseparable friends. Their owners were neighbors, so they get to spend a lot of time together. Recently, they have proven that they are the best of friends.

Bella’s owner, William Cobb, shared that Tasa and Bella have a strong bond. If Bella saw Tasa playing in the yard, she would instantly begin whining to join her friend.

On Thanksgiving Day, Tasa was attacked by coyotes, and Bella’s ability to defend and save her best friend proved their relationship’s strength.

The incident, which occurred at approximately 2:30 in the morning, was captured on tape by CCTV cameras. Tasa was seen diving headfirst into the water as she desperately tried to escape the coyotes. The next thing she did was to attempt to save herself by entering the house through the back entrance, but the door was locked. After that, Tasa bolted towards the direction of Bella’s backyard.

Bella, a 116-pound Dogo Argentino, did not abandon her friend and defended her as the coyotes chased them. If Tasa’s guardian angel Bella hadn’t been there at the time of the attack, her owner, Spencer William, believes that his dog could have been seriously injured due to the incident. Tasa’s survival could not have been possible without the help of Bella.

Williams revealed that Tasa did not escape the encounter completely unscathed and that she suffered some injuries. Tasa’s paw became swollen, and the inside part of her thighs exhibited tooth marks in addition to the swelling. If Bella hadn’t been there, Tasa’s situation might have worsened.

Tasa had to take pain medicine and antibiotics and is on her road to full recovery.

People in the neighborhood have been made aware of the presence of coyotes, thanks to the efforts of both William and Cobb, who have spread the word.


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