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Sick Pit Bull Rescued From A Shipping Yard Receives Medical Help And Is Now Ready To Find A Loving Home

A shipping company’s employees contacted the local rescue group Hope For Paws to ask for help. They encountered an abandoned Pit Bull wandering around their workplace. They did their best to keep it well-fed and safe but knew it needed more than food or water.

Katie McKittrick and Alex Babcock, lead rescuers of the said group, drove to the shipping yard immediately. Once they arrived, the workers led them to the Pit Bull. They had no issues securing the dog with a Lucky Leash because it was friendly and trusting.

The rescuers thanked the staffers for keeping the Pit Bull safe. Later on, they led the dog to their rescue vehicle. Before securing it in a crate, they checked if it had a microchip, but it didn’t have one.

Katie and Alex learned from the workers that the dog answered to the name Mack. Hence, they agreed to keep it.

Mack underwent a thorough medical check-up at CARES. He also received a much-needed bath. He liked being clean, and he enjoyed being pampered.

The doctors at CARES did, however, deliver some bad news to Katie and Alex. They found out that Mack suffered from an enlarged prostate. Luckily, he needed to fix his condition by neutering, vaccinating, and finding a clean and safe foster home.

Mack underwent all the necessary medical procedures to correct his condition. In no time, he recuperated under the watchful eyes of Katie and Alex. Soon, Mack moved to his new foster home with Zeppelin and Friends Rescue.

With his loving foster family, Mack completed his recovery. He is now healthy, and he continues to enjoy his new life. Mack now looks forward to joining his forever home, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Credits: Hope For Paws

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