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The Dog That Visited The Owner’s Grave For 11 Years

Capitn was a dog that lived next to the owner’s grave for 11 years, He died on Sunday, February 17, 2018, in the hometown cemetery, in Carlos Paz, Cordoba, a province in Argentina.

Miguel Guzmn, his owner, died on March 24, 2006. When he died, “Capitn” disappeared. Guzmn’s family thought he was lost, but six months later, he was found him lying before the grave of his former owner.

“Capitn” stayed to live in the cemetery. Every day at 6 p.m. he would lie in front of his owner’s grave. He became the most famous and beloved dog in Crdoba.

Even French television filmed a documentary about his life. “Captain” died Sunday in the cemetery bathroom. He was almost 16 years old, old and sick, hardly walked, but he never stopped going to Guzmn’s grave for a single day.

He was even almost blind, but he did not stop taking care of the last dwelling of its owner. Hctor Baccega, director of the Municipal Cemetery of Villa Carlos Paz, said some time ago.

“The dog appeared here alone and went around the entire cemetery until he found he owner’s grave.

No one took him there. And that’s not all: every day, at six in the afternoon, he would lie down in front of that grave”. The dog walked around the cemetery every day. But when that time came, he went to his master’s grave.”

This dog teaches us a lesson of fidelity, said Baccega.

His lates times were the most difficult. The dog suffered from kidney failure and could barely walk and see.

For this reason, he received a special diet thanks to the Animal Protection Foundation (FUPA). Unfortunately, his age and this condition made him unable to resist. The vet preferred to leave him and took care of him at the cemetery.

We took care of Captain until the end of his days and now if he finally rests in peace with his owner ”


3 responses to “The Dog That Visited The Owner’s Grave For 11 Years”

  1. I love dogs too., They are smarter than what humans give them credit for. We need to appreciate dogs.

  2. Robert Bethke Avatar
    Robert Bethke

    Dogs have a soul

  3. So sad the dog should have been given a new home regardless perhaps the fact is that it was easier and less expensive to.just let the dog stay there until it’s final days beggars belief what a sad nation we are

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