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How To Help Your Dog With Aromatherapy

The Essence of Nature

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Can you imagine your dog lying in a hammock, surrounded by candles, cucumber slices on his face, and a mask? You see yourself like that but certainly not your dog! Why can’t it be suitable for dogs?

Today we have discovered that the use of essential oils in humans is as healthy and productive as for our little companions. Extracted from plants, shrubs, and other elements, and converted into essences will mean an improvement of the physical and mental state of our pet.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that uses the healing and aromatic properties of plant matter. Already the Romans, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Chinese used remedies with fragrant flowers, herbs, or plants that produced certain benefits for humans. Since dogs have a very developed sense of smell, much more than humans, aromatherapy works very well.

Like everything used in excess or misused, it can be harmful to our pets’ health. So, before trying on our own, it would be best to consult with a holistic veterinarian who will give us the necessary guidelines for this therapy.

How Aromatherapy Works

Essential oils can modify our emotions through the limbic system and, at the same time, strengthen our immune system. When the animal inhales the aroma of the essence, it passes directly to its brain. There the information is processed, where it is then transported through the neurons to the limbic system.

This system is in charge of transmitting and controlling emotions, whims, emotions, and creativity. It is connected to the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus area, which is why it will also affect the release of hormones ? appetite ? concentration ? etc.

Essential oils can also be applied through the skin through massages. Thus we will also avoid ailments, and we will be able to heal different problems. We can use these oils in specific burners that exist, there are also electric essence diffusers where we can calculate precisely the totality and the period of the essence in the environment.

The Efficiency With Own Rhythm 1

Are these natural techniques quick and effective? Each individual has a more or less effective way for their body to assimilate the methods of natural therapies, be it aromatherapy, massages, etc. If we have to take into account that natural treatments need a longer time to work effectively, but the results may surprise us. Currently, the Helling Touch natural salons are having incredible success.

But we must not forget that we will always have to take into account that when carrying out any natural therapy with our pet, it will be necessary to notify our vet in detail. All the more reason, if our pet is being medicated or has a specific problem. Today it is not difficult to find centers where this natural therapy is applied. Multiple veterinary clinics, dog grooming salons, and even people centers can help us with accurate information. Thus we can know which is indicated for our animal and if it can benefit from a type of therapy such as aromatherapy.

The efficiency with own rhythm 2

We can all learn these innovative natural therapy techniques since there are different courses with these characteristics. So that they can also massage, heal, and help our four-legged little ones from home. Little by little in modern life, we realize that natural treatments are the order of the day. More and more, we need these resources that nature gives us. And how could it be otherwise, our little four-legged companions also need it?

Cosmetic use, too, the use of aromatherapy today is pervasive, and we do not only have to remember it as an essence that melts in a burner. We can find it in shampoos and oils that we can apply directly to our pets. An example of this is the Argan oil so famous today (it comes from some almonds). It is used in canine cosmetic firms both in shampoo and in fat to apply it directly. Providing multiple benefits for the interior and exterior appearance of our little four-legged.

Oil and its properties

Essential oils have multiple properties, such as relaxants. Inflammatory. Etc. To understand it better we are going to mention some oils and their properties:

– Clary Sage: indicated to calm nervous problems.

– Lavender: strengthens the nervous system and relaxes the mind

– Grapefruit Oil: rejected by insects, especially fleas, serves as a natural dewormed

– Rosemary: unique for respiratory problems, an antidepressant.

– Basil: to lift your spirits

– Cedar: Antiseptic and anti-fungal

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There are many cases in which we can use pure essential oils, which are directly extracted and have 100% of their properties, some clear examples of pathologies cured with them are:

– Multiple respiratory problems: essences of pine tips, mint, and basil.

– Bacterial diseases: sandalwood essences, which are also suitable for cislitis.

– Anti-inflammatory: like the essence of Jasmine, although it is also used to raise discouraged dogs.

– Mosquito prevention: like andiroba mushroom, extracted from a plant

– For wounds: the chamomile plant.

Credits to: Best Essential Oil For Dogs

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