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Dogs Create Shaking Of Coats Art In Hopes Of Finding New Owners

Many animal rights activists all over the world pursue dog adoption as advocacy. Shelter or stray dogs also deserve a home and a loving family. But frequently, potential owners oversee these amazing animals because they choose to buy dogs from pet shops.

This severe issue prompted five Brazilian artists from Sao Paulo to create a project that will put dogs in a different light. Gabriel Morais, Hugo Veiga, Renato Zandona, Leandro Bordoni, and Diego Machado brew an art display that will have a positive impact on society. They thought: Why not create a project that will help dogs find new homes instead?

The group set up the project and called it Canismo. They invited shelter dogs to join them in an art collaboration in hopes of finding families who will adopt them. If they can display their art skills and show the world how cool shelter dogs are, then they might have a shot to a better future.

Standing near black canvasses, the artists covered the dogs in non-toxic paint. As they shake their coats, they create one of a kind works of art. Each dog had its unique style of thrashing around, making splashes, and making several masterpieces for the whole collection.

The group captured the art process on film both through slow-motion videography and high-speed photography. They admitted the shoot was a little challenging, but with the help of a dog trainer on set, they were able to get amazing shots they needed for the documentation.

With more than half of the dogs adopted is proof that the Canismo art exhibition was a success. The artists behind this project hope to encourage more people to take in shelter dogs. They wish more people realize the amount of conditional love these dogs can give to their future owners.

Credits: Procure 1 Amigo via YouTube

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