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Tampa Weathermans Dog Adorably Interrupts His Live Broadcast

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Dellegatto, Tampa Bay weatherman, had an unexpected guest during his live weather forecast. That, someone, was Brody, Pauls adorable dog.

Paul is FOX13s chief meteorologist. Recently, Paul was about to give his viewers some updates on the local weather when Brody bumped into his dads computer. This caused the weather graphics to stop working and interrupt the live broadcast.


According to Paul, the maps will no longer move because Brody whacked the computer with his head. So, instead of using the graphics, Paul decided to verbalize the forecast. Then, he jokingly chastised the dog, who jumped up into his lap.

A few seconds later, the handsome boy continued to draw focus as he turned around to pose for the camera. Brody even yawned while his dad was trying to do his job. Paul teased the pup and said that he did not mean to keep him up.

Before the broadcast ended, Brody came up with another way to catch everyones attention. He jumped up by the window and tried to find the cameraman, who was sitting outside. One of Pauls coworkers teased him and said that they do not need to see the forecast map anymore. All they wanted was to look at Brody.


As Paul brought his news segment to close, he thanked everyone for bearing with them. He said that they would soon deliver the complete forecast together with all the little graphics. While this was not what Paul originally planned, it seemed to have turned out for the better.

FOX13 posted the clip on their official Twitter page and gushed at how Brody wanted all the attention. Paul jokingly replied and said that Brody was shopping for an agent while he was looking for a job. Soon, the video went viral, and the pup earned himself some fans.

One commenter said that this was the best weather forecast in TV news history. Mark Hamill from Star Wars also shared the clip and said that seeing everybodys home is among the things that he likes about the lockdown. Of course, that includes the dogs photobombing of the weather report. Paul thanked the actor and said that, now, his daughter thinks that he is the coolest father on the planet.

Credit: Paul Dellegatto, FOX 13 Tampa Bay

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