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A Dog Who Had A History Of Being Aggressive Became Best Friends With A Cat

Most of us believe that dogs and cats do not get along. A docile dog may be able to develop a bond with a cat, but its highly unlikely that a bad-tempered canine would be available for a feline friendship. However, a dog named Mack, who was once considered an aggressive animal, is now best friends with a cat.

The Pit-Bull and Labrador mix did not have an easy life, to begin with. Macks first owner used to keep him and his brother tied to a tree with hardly any water or food. The owner rehomed the dogs many times, but they kept on coming back.

When a local shelter heard the news about Mack and his brother, they stepped in and took the matter in their hands.

The shelter found a home for Macks brother, but Mack was labeled as an aggressive dog and was marked to be put down. Thats when one of the shelter employees, Chris, noticed that the dog believed to be ill-tempered was frequently soiling himself out of fear. Chris decided to work on the dog to save his life.

Chris spent four months with Mack and made the dog come out of his shell. As a result of that, Mack found his foster home. Meanwhile, Analina Trstensky, Macks prospective owner, found Mack online.

Analina already had a cat named Bowser. Though Analina had decided to bring Mack home, it was still to be seen how Bowser and Mack would react to each other. Analina was expecting an initial tumultuous period of interaction between the animals, but what actually transpired totally surprised her.

When Analina brought Mack home for the first time, Bowser just walked up to the canine and snuggled up to him. And the duo started hitting it off instantly.

Mack and Bowser are best friends now and are totally inseparable.

Image source: @bowserandmack via Instagram

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