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Bulldog Loves Watching The Street Through A Fence Hole, So His Owners Give The Fence An Adorable Makeover

During the isolation and lockdown, people are looking for different ways to brighten up their dull days. And some of them may even involve their pets in their quest for fun and adventure. It is not usual these days to hear stories about people dressing up their dogs or giving them makeovers, which often end up in disaster and mess.

However, some dog owners would create something cute for their beloved pets. One bulldog in Denmark apparently loves watching the streets through a fence hole. His owners have noticed it, so they did something sweet and marvelous.

Fence with costumes?

Someone filmed an adorable bulldog staring through a fence hole. But what made the dog much cuter was that the fence was painted with an adorable costume. When the dog puts his head through the hole, it would seem that he was actually wearing that costume.

The dogs name is Bogart. He lives in the southern part of Denmark together with his owner Ranveig Bjorklid Levinsen, Claus, and Winston, another family dog.

According to Ranveig, they were living close to the walking path, so many people would pass by every day. To prevent the dogs from skipping the fence, they made holes where dogs can look through. The dog looked funny when seen from the other side of the fence, so the family decided to paint something on it.

The spaces surrounding holes were painted with a crown and a jester hat. It was Ranveigs daughter who actually painted the fence.

An overwhelming reaction from people

Bogarts owners were overwhelmed by peoples reactions to the painted holes. According to Ranveig, Bogart got viral in Denmark, and he was on the Instagram page of one of the countrys biggest influencers. The dog even appeared on a Norwegian dog group, too.

Ranveig revealed that some complete strangers would reach out to her to tell that the dog and the fence painting are hilarious. A lot of people commented on the dogs photo on Facebook. One said that Bogart was the king of the town, probably referring to the picture of the dog with the crown costume painted on the fence.


Image Source: Ranvieg Levinsen via Facebook

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