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Stray Dog Showed Up On A Familys Porch Asking To Be Rescued

Not all stray dogs find their way directly onto their rescuers’ doorstep. However, for a four-month-old pup named Brady, he is that fortunate.

A family in St. Louis, Missouri, was surprised when they found a young stray dog taking a nap on their porch one afternoon. The family did not want to turn the poor pup away, especially since he needed their help.

The family did not waste any time and immediately helped the poor pup by contacting Stray Rescue of St. Louis, an animal rescue shelter. The shelter’s chief life-saving officer, Donna Lochmann, arrived at the scene to rescue Brady.

Lochmann was surprised upon seeing Brady. The pup was approachable and easygoing despite being all alone. There were no other littermates or dogs around him.

Within minutes, Lochmann picked the stray pup up and took him to her car. Brady did not have any complaints about being picked up by a stranger. Lochmann said the stray dog seemed to know she wanted to help him.

Upon arriving at the shelter, the pup underwent a complete checkup and befriended all the staff. Luckily, the pooch seemed to be in good health and in good spirits. Brady didn’t seem scared or hesitant to interact with people.

After receiving all his vaccinations, the rescue pup went to foster care. All the processes went so much quicker than the staff expected.

Now, Brady is still in his foster home, where a family is giving him the love he deserves. According to his foster parent’s Facebook post, the young pup loves greeting everyone he meets during his walks.

Hopefully, Brady will find his forever family and home. Until then, the rescuers from the shelter are glad to know that this rescue pup is thriving under foster care and has become a cheerful and loving dog.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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