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Girl From Lebanon Rescues Stray Dogs And Finds Forever Homes For Them In Canada

It’s not easy rescuing stray dogs and finding forever homes for them. Most animals would run away whenever someone gets too close to them. Although it’s a challenging and often thankless job, some people are still dedicated to giving these dogs a second chance.
Luna, an 11-year-old girl from Lebanon, has always had a soft spot in her heart for dogs. She’s always passionate about rescuing dogs, even at an early age. She also enjoys spending her free time visiting and volunteering at animal shelters.
Sadly, there are so many stray dogs in Lebanon, and Luna’s goal is to find good forever homes for all of them. She and her mother would go around town looking for stray dogs to rescue. One particular dog that Luna took part in rescuing was a pregnant dog named Audi. She and her mom found her digging through the garbage, looking for something to eat.
Luna and her mom started feeding Audi to win her trust, but Audi was a cautious dog and refused to come near Luna or any other human. After eating the food given to her by Luna, Audi would always hurry back into the woods to hide.
Luna and her mother followed Audi in the next two months and made plans to rescue her and her puppies. They used a cage with food inside to trap her, but it failed. Despite failing, Luna and her mom were able to follow Audi’s movements and led them to her puppies.
Eventually, Luna and her mom successfully caught Audi. She was distraught since she needed to return to her puppies and even tried biting the cage to escape. Thankfully, she calmed down after Luna rescued her puppies and brought them to her.
Audi and all her nine puppies were rescued, and they will all be flown to Canada, where they will each find a loving, forever home. Luna is truly an inspiration to everyone. Her work already helped so many stray dogs in Lebanon find forever homes. Here’s a video featuring Luna’s inspirational story.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube

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