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Stray Dog Hobbles Into A Clinic Where He Gets Treated And Finds Hope

For strays to trust humans in an instant is such a breath of fresh air since they are normally aggressive. Dayse Ferreira felt this way when a stray dog hobbled into her vet clinic one seemingly regular day in Brazil.

The dog wanted help, and help was what he got. Limping from an injured paw, the dog stopped halfway through the doorway and stood against the wall, lifting the hurting foot as if to tell them that it needed some fixing. Without thinking twice, Dayse immediately went to aid her emergency patient.

Examining the dog, she found that he was not as severely injured as she initially thought. She saw a nail stuck between the canine’s toes and thought it was easily treatable. But what concerned Dayse was the bloody discharge she found on the dog’s penile region, apart from him being covered with fleas.

A later check revealed that the black mutt was suffering from a transmissible venereal tumor, a common occurrence with strays. Dayse and her staff immediately gave the dog a cleansing bath and placed him on medication.

Dayse’s diagnosis would mean that her patient would need to stay with them for 30-days and undergo chemotherapy to treat the malignant tumor. Still, she is confident that the dog will make a full recovery.

Word of Dayse’s unexpected patient spread around town and has garnered many offers to adopt the dog. He seems to know what is in store for him, keeping a joyful demeanor and thriving with the love he gets from everyone in the clinic.

Dayse cannot help but admire the intelligence of this remarkable dog who went to them for help. She thinks that he may have sensed that her clinic was where sick animals went and goes home feeling better. Luckily for the dog, he doesn’t have to live in the streets again after treatment; Dayse will surely find the perfect loving home that he deserves.

Source: Stephen Messenger via YouTube

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