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Service Dog Helps Bombing Survivors Heal And Live Their Lives

Jessica Kinsky and Patrick Downes were newlyweds when they entered the Boston Marathon. Both were excited as this is one of the most prestigious and oldest marathons in the US. Little did they know that on the day of the race, a devastating and tragic act would change their lives forever.


Jessica and Patrick were almost at the finish line when the first bomb exploded. They were near enough to the explosion to lose both of their left legs. Jessica had it worse, though. Complications to the injuries to her right leg required it to be amputated too.

The two spent months in the hospital, requiring treatment and surgeries. Even after they were discharged they had to go back several times for more treatments and rehabilitation. Jessica required even more operations. It took them more than four years of hospitalization.

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During one of their stays in the hospital, a therapy dog visited them. Jessica felt happy and comforted having the dog around her. For quite some time, she has been depressed thinking about her injuries and her inability to walk. But at that moment, it was as if a heavy burden was lifted from her.

The couple talked about that experience and decided that having a service dog would help them overcome their ordeal. After making their research, they finally got in touch with the National Education for Assitance Dog Services and Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans. It is a group that trains service dogs.

Eventually, the charity group gave them their own service dog, named Rescue.

From the moment they met, the couple loved the specially trained black labrador. Patrick said that they laughed and smile like they never after the bombing. Their spirits were lifted and all their anxiety seemed to have washed away.

Rescue helps them in several ways. He would open doors for her, push elevator buttons, fetch things, and basically, anything she tells him to do. But his most important job is just being himself. His presence is enough to make their lives better.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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