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Determined Canine Breaks Into A Dance For The Most Adorable Reason

Whenever dogs set their eyes on something, theyll do everything to get it. Even if they have to do an impromptu performance, dogs wont hesitate to do so.

Hence, a persistent canine breaks into an adorable dance to get the treats its fur dads teasing him with. No matter how long Dad will make him waltz, the doggo doesnt mind if it means getting the yummy treat from the man.

Dance, buddy, dance!

In this comical video footage, one can initially see a fluffy, brown-furred canine standing on a tiled floor. Yet, something eye-catchings caught the pups attention as it stands on its hind legs while gazing at it.

Before anyone can decipher whats happening, the puppy soon breaks into a dance performance. A few seconds later, Dad, whos sitting right in front of the canine, matches the dogs movements with a lively tune.

Soon enough, the talented doggo follows Dads lead. At some point, the pup matches the tune with some Cha-cha steps to further impress its fur dad.

Give it to me, please!

The canine continues with its fantastic dance performance to make a good impression on Dad. Even as Dad increases the songs tempo, the doggo catches up with its pacing without breaking eye contact with the man.

On and on, the wonderful pup goes until an onlooker narrates how the dogs willing to do anything just for food. And, it looks like the canines intent to carry on no matter how long it takes for it to munch on the doggy treat Dads showing it.

Finally, Dad takes pity on the pup and gives the doggy treat to it. Do you think the pup continued with its performance after receiving its food? Click on the funny video clip linked below to find out.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube

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