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From Being a Stray Dog, Who Did Not Have To Eat, To Traveling The World

Sergi Basoli was a born wanderer. He loves to travel, learn about other cultures, and make new friends. So in 2013, he decided to leave everything behind and embark on a journey that will forever change his life.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Sergi has always dreamt of seeing the world. He went to the extremes and decided that he will go on a solo Mediterranean kayak trip. He packed his bags, said goodbye to his family and friends, and took off.

All is well in his Mediterranean adventure. A year into his travels, he met an unlikely pal. In a town in Alghero in the Sardinia island, he came across a stray dog. Sergi saw the poor little thing in the middle of the street, alone and terrified. He could not fathom, leaving the poor pup in that situation. So he took her to a local vet to make sure she is in good condition.

Thankfully, other than a few mites, the stray dog seems to be healthy. Sergi asked the vet if the dog will grow more than her current weight of seven kilograms. The vet assured him that it is already in its adult size. In a heartbeat, Sergi decided the dog will be his. He named her Nirvana.

Sergi microchipped and registered Nirvana to make the adoption official. Sergi then started training his new partner- he knew the risks of letting little Nirvana on board, but he was confident that she would be obedient with his every command.

Not long after, the two travel buddies started new adventures together. When they werent kayaking, they enjoyed the mountains, island hopping, eating, and meeting a lot of people. Nirvana enjoyed all the new sights, smell, and sound they encounter during their trip. As for Sergi, he did not know that he would meet a companion for life. Now he gets to see the beauty of the world with a friend by his side.

Credits: Mar a la Vista via YouTube

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