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Rich Pooch: Dog Receives Weekly Pocket Money From Owner

Has it ever crossed your weary mind what life will be like when you just receive money without working? That would be glorious, right? When you have loaded pockets, you can always go on long breaks and spend your time going shopping.

Your face may turn green with envy upon hearing this: a dog named Bracken received $6 per week after this mischievous pet pinched his owners wallet. Now, thats what you call living the life. Imagine receiving money by just being cute, adorable, and naughty.

A fresh note every Friday

It all started when the three-year-old sprocker Spaniel pinched the wallet of Grant Ellis, the dogs owner. Grant, who was frustrated when that happened, jokingly bribed his dog with a five-pound note (about $6) just to get his wallet back. From that moment on, Grant promised that he would give his best bud a fresh note every Friday without fail!

Apparently, it could be an inherent behavior among Spaniels. Grant said that all Spaniels needed to have something in their mouth, whether it was a pair of pants or a sock. His dog was just the same as other spaniels when it came to this.

Grant revealed that they would bribe Bracken with a cocktail sausage when the dog pinched something. It was just that they had run out of it that day.

So, where does the money go?

Because Bracken had been receiving money, he was able to get some cuddly toys. Some portion of the money was used for his swimming lessons.

Grant, who was a dog walker, ended up giving the wallet to Bracken, who stole it. This is where the allowance is kept.

When Bracken had made enough money, Grant and Cheryl (Grants wife) would take the dog to the shops where he could pick whatever he wanted. Now, that is one spoiled dog!

Video Source: SWNS via YouTube

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