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Industrious Dog Goes To Work In The Mountains With Her Eyebrows On Fleek

Working in the mountains can’t be easy but this brown dog proves that it doesn’t matter where you work, you’ve got to get your game-face on – and your eyebrows on point.

Perfect brows

Jisan’s a regular dog who loves working with her dad in a little eating place in the mountains – she makes sure their customers pay up after a filling meal.

Nobody gets to freeload, and Jisan does her part in entertaining, payment collecting, trash gathering, you name it; she does all and still looks sharp and unique.

Those eyebrows look on-fleek, Jisan; customers commented on how it looks like her brows are drawn, and we couldn’t help but agree – they do look like it, right?

Brow talk aside, the owner’s thankful for Jisan’s presence and help while running a remote eating place – they stay in the mountains for work and come home only once a week.

That’s a tough deal, girl; your human’s fortunate to have you with him – walking up and down a mountain can’t be easy, never mind staying and working up there for days!

Perfect buddy

Back to your eyebrows, err, story, girl, so after a long and productive week, Jisan and her human dad climb down a very steep mountain, not minding the narrow and dangerous trails – killer views compensate it.

When they get home, a warm and cleansing bath always waits for the duo from the mountains – they look forward to it, although Jisan needs a little pushing towards the bathroom.

We can tell that the owner’s son and wife appreciate all their efforts – although this duo makes it look like a regular walk in the park, their work isn’t easy.

The pair enjoys making beautiful memories on top of the world, and with that magnificent view of nature every day, we’d give it a shot too!

Photo and video credits to SBS TV via YouTube

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