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Sleeping Pup Only Chooses To Wake Up When She Hears The Magic Word

Have you ever observed your dog as it sleeps? Your pup may be a light sleeper, but other dogs could doze off like a baby. They may only wake up when some loud noise gets to their dreamland. Other dogs, however, will get up at once when they hear a trigger word — something that has always captured their attention.

A dog from Canada named Xena is just like that. She may be deep in her sleep, but once she hears her owner say a delicious word, she will open her eyes immediately.

Xena surely loves chicken

In a video uploaded to TikTok by Isaac Brown, Xenas owner, you could see the sweet pup sleeping on the couch beside Isaac. The man explained that while the dog was sleeping peacefully, he could say just about anything without waking her up. However, he said that only three words could wake the dog up.

Isaac proved his point by enumerating a bunch of dishes, such as beef, steak, hamburger, salmon, and peanut butter. He didnt even get any reaction from the dog when he mentioned dog treat and bone.

Isaac said the word chicken. Then, Xenas eyes opened instantly. Isaac smiled while the dog rose her head and looked around. She was probably waiting for the chicken to appear.

Isaac started laughing at his dogs knee-jerk reaction. Do yourself a favor and watch the clip below!

The Internet found Xenas shenanigan funny

As of this writing, Xenas video has more than 29 million views, seven million likes, and over 76.5K likes on TikTok. A lot of people even commented on the pups adorable reaction.

One said that the dog might have probably believed that she was just dreaming of hearing the word. Another commenter said that dogs were learning too much, and they were about to know how to spell out words eventually.


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Video Source: Poor.Xena via TikTok

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