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The Owner Of A Dying Dog Carries His Ailing Pet Up A Mountain In A Wheelbarrow For ‘One Final Adventure.’

A dog owner carried his ailing pet in a wheelbarrow for one more stroll up to his favorite mountain.

Carlos Fresco pulled Labradoodle Monty in the barrow up Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons for one final excursion before he died.

Fresco and his 10-year-old cat had visited the region many times over the years, but following an 18-month fight with leukemia, Fresco realized he didn’t have much time left.

Before Monty died on June 21, he wanted to return to the region so they could enjoy one final trip together.

Fresco escorted his four-legged companion to the summit of Pen y Fan, using a wheelbarrow to assist him.

Fresco and Monty, he claimed, had hiked and explored hills all across the nation, even summiting the three summits.

Monty’s leukemia reappeared eight weeks ago, and he began to deteriorate after being diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago and responding well to treatment.

“I knew Monty was dying because his cancer had returned,” Fresco added. He had been diagnosed for 18 months and had an excellent response to treatment.

“However, his leukemia reappeared eight weeks ago, and he began to deteriorate quickly.”

He said that Monty had always enjoyed hill hikes and that he had innovated to ensure that he could bring him to the summit despite his limitations.

According to Fresco, Monty got a lot of attention and fuss from total strangers, with some even trying to push him.

“People on the hills were both sympathetic and saddened by his deterioration,” he added.

“Strangers asked if they might help push Monty on his last trip, and many strangers shed a tear since we all adore our little four-legged pals.”

“I want to thanks them all for their unwavering support, encouragement, and genuine care for Monty.

“That tiny kid had such an impact on so many people’s lives. Everyone he came into touch with smiled and took a minute to think about how life isn’t always that terrible.

“Our tiny friends never pass judgment, are always there for you, and provide consolation when things don’t go as planned.” Monty, he claimed, had died at the foot of his bed at the age of ten. But, he replied, “The little fella hung in there for Father’s Day and is now at rest.”

“I’d want to express my gratitude to all of the lovely individuals we met in Brecon and on the hills for their real warmth and compassion.”

“He was a one-of-a-kind kid.” “God bless and goodnight, little fella,” says the narrator.


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