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Loyal Dog Waits For Her Owner For Six Long Years Without Realizing He’s Never Coming Back

Residents of a small town in South Korea noticed that a white dog refused to leave a particular spot even though there was nothing in that place. There used to be houses in that area and people lived there. But four years ago, the residential properties have all been demolished.

Locals said the dog lived with her Grandpa for six long years. They had a great time. But then, Grandpa got sick. He fought for about a year but eventually lost his battle to cancer.

The dog didnt know that her grandpa was never coming back. He was the only human she ever shared her life with, and that’s all that mattered. She was willing to wait for him no matter how long it took.

Without a home or an owner, the pup had no other choice but to fend for herself. And one day, while she ate the meat of a dead animal, a woman saw her. She felt sorry for her and decided to feed her moving forward.

The kind lady called the dog Heendong. Every time she brought him breakfast and dinner, she called for her and waved her hand at her. But she had to step away or she wont touch the food at all.

Every time an elderly man walked by, the dog stood up and checked if it was her grandpa. But as soon as she realized it wasnt, she walked back right into her spot. Soon, rescuers learned about Heendong and they all agreed that the longer they let her wait, the worse theyd break her heart.

Rescue workers set up a trap around Heendongs doghouse and waited for her at a safe distance. Once they saw the perfect opportunity, they closed the door behind her, preventing her from running away. The dog panicked, but she calmed down when she heard the womans voice calling for her.

Heendong was taken to the vet for medical care. She stayed at the clinic for a short while and continued to her foster after she was discharged. She was so heartbroken that she didnt realize he was never coming back.

Credits to SBS TV

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