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A Police Dog Was Permitted To See His Injured Partner At The Hospital

Science has prepared the path for a paradigm shift in how we treat illnesses and injuries. Almost any ailment may be treated with medication. On the other hand, dog therapy is a fundamental treatment that has been around for a long time and is still beneficial today. Officer Webb Sistrunk’s presence was more than simply rehabilitation for him.

Officer Sistrunk has been working with his canine partner Leon for several years. However, things were about to change one night when Leon’s human partner and his coworkers responded to a domestic violence incident. A woman said over the phone that her live-in spouse had threatened to murder her.

The cops went to the mobile home park off of Wire Road in Georgia and knocked on the door of Grady Wayne Wilkes, 29, who lives there. Wilkes was wearing a bulletproof vest and was armed with a rifle when the suspect opened the door, which he immediately utilized upon seeing the police.

As he fled for cover, Officer Sistrunk was struck on the shoulder. His coworkers, on the other hand, were not so fortunate. Officer Sistrunk was flown to Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital for treatment. For three days, he was in critical care., but doctors say he’s on the mend.

Officer Sistrunk was in such good shape that he was sent to critical care. The hospital has permitted visitation from his loved ones, even four-legged ones, at this time. Officer Sistrunk was eventually reunited with Leon, who was undoubtedly worried sick about his human.

In the presence of their friends, family, and workplace, the two had a wonderful moment. Others were brought to tears as a result of the experience. Leons missed Officer Sistrunk, and the officer felt the same way. Officer Sistrunk expressed his eagerness to return to the field with his canine companion.

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