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A Mailman Has Gone Viral After Sharing Photos Of Dogs He Encounters On His Daily Routes.

Jason Hardesty works for UPS, a business based in the United States. They deliver not just across the United States but also around the globe. Drivers like Hardesty have a fast-paced and heavy daily schedule, but he doesn’t appear to mind.

You may learn why he loves going through his daily rituals, no matter how difficult they might be if you look up his profile online. For example, he keeps himself entertained by spending time with the dogs he encounters on his travels. He also uses them to snap photos, which he then shares with his internet connections.

When COVID-19 struck, he felt even more eager to post pictures of the dogs. He viewed it as a chance to restore some sense of normality to the situation. That, and he was well aware of how pleased his fans would be to see pictures of him with his canine companions.

Friday amusements

Every Friday, Hardesty uploads the pictures. It’s his method of ensuring that those who follow his account have something to anticipate each week.

Credits toJason Hardesty

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