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Four Years Later, The Dog Reunites With Her Rescuer, And She Recognizes The Woman Who Saved Her life

Joanna was discovered on the streets of Greece by Ermionni Giannakou of DAR Animal Rescue. Because of how she seemed, she was horrified when she first saw her. Her head was enormous, and her body was nothing more than skin and bones.

The rescuer won the dog’s confidence, and as she got closer, she noticed a wire wrapped firmly around her neck. She thought she had it since she was a puppy, and as she grew older, it became tighter.

The poor puppy was unable to eat or even drink water. She didn’t have nourishment; therefore she dropped weight quickly. She was also having trouble breathing. Despite her terrible condition, her survival was a total miracle.

Joanna stayed at the veterinarian’s office for a short while. Then, she sought medical attention and took her time recuperating. She felt better after a week at the DAR Animal Rescue shelter and was able to lift her head for the first time.

She was overjoyed when the dog recovered. Even her rescuers were overjoyed to see her brighten up. So she began again and, a few weeks later, found her forever home.

The adorable dog’s adoptive folks ran a winery. They possessed a massive vineyard that was safe. But, most importantly, they have always loved her unconditionally.

Ermionni had the opportunity to revisit Joanna four years later. She traveled to the family’s winery, and as she pulled over, the dog greeted her. She kissed her hands and waggled her tail in delight as she welcomed her savior into her new home.

Joanna was delighted to meet Ermionni. She kept her tail wagging the entire time. She was overjoyed to show her savior how much her life had progressed since she had rescued her out of the street. She knew that if it hadn’t been for her, she couldn’t have envisioned the life she had today.

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