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Sick, Emaciated, And Injured, This Dog Held On Until Help Finally Came And He Was Glad He Didn’t Give Up

When the animal rescue group Beauties and Beasts Inc. received an urgent message about a sick dog, Nichol, a volunteer worker, responded immediately. She’d been to so many rescue missions and had met many dogs in dire need, but when she met Chevelle, a Pitbull, she was aghast. She couldn’t fathom how the dog was still alive.
Chevelle was emaciated, dehydrated, and famished. He lay on the ground with an old rusty chain hanging on his neck that looked heavier than him. He had a bowl of food beside him, but he barely touched it because he didn’t have the appetite or the strength to eat.
Arriving at the emergency clinic, the vets revealed a long list of the dog’s medical issues. He was heartworm positive, had a severe blood infection, and had a horrifying injury that caused him to lose half of his tongue while the remaining half was badly swollen. He also had a nasty wound on his chest that had become necrotic over time.
The 3-year-old dog suffered from extensive neglect and abuse probably his entire life. His prognosis wasn’t good, and there was no assurance that he’d pull through. He was a complete mess but determined to fight for his life and survive.
Chevelle went to a specialty animal hospital out of state to get the care he needed. He was on IV fluids, heavy pain meds, and antibiotics for at least a week. And thankfully, his condition slowly got better.
The swelling on his tongue subsided within a few days. His necrotic wound, however, was a more serious matter. The infection spread quickly and would have been fatal if the infectious bacteria had reached his bone. Thankfully, it didn’t.
It took a long time before Chevelle felt better. But 2 1/2 months later, he felt well enough to leave the specialty hospital. He went back home, and Nichol was there for him.
Chevelle has yet to recover fully, but Nichol is beside him to ensure he does. As his new mom, she promises to provide him with the best care possible. And she guarantees him that he won’t have to fight alone.

Credits to Beauties and Beasts Inc. and The Penguin

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