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Right After His First Haircut, a Terrified Stray Transforms Into The Sweetest Dog

Ermioni, one of DAR Animal Rescue’s co-founders, was driving to a tiny village in Karditsa, Greece when she came upon a dog by the side of the road. The poor puppy’s fur was matted to the point of being unusable. He was filthy and in the worst shape imaginable.

Before embarking on her first assignment, the rescuer opted to save the puppy first. She pulled aside and began working on gaining the dog’s trust right away. She got close enough to pet him, but he nipped her hand when she tried to pet him.

Ermioni had the option of simply leaving the dog, but she chose not to. She couldn’t bear leaving him behind. She took a second chance and was successful this time.

Ermioni carefully picked the dog and carried him into her car, ultimately naming him Gorgeous. She took her to the vet right away, and even the doctors couldn’t believe how bad he looked.

Gorgeous was most likely in pain after attempting to bite a member of the vet team as well. Even the gentlest touch made him uncomfortable, so the doctor decided to sedate him before cutting his fur. They gave him a spa treatment after that, and he took his first bath.

Gorgeous changed physically and socially as soon as He’d got his matted fur shaved off. He looked and felt so much better. He put his head on Ermioni’s hand when she sought to pet him.

Gorgeous received a complete check-up after his grooming to ensure he wasn’t injured. The vet revealed that he was in excellent health. He was a little dehydrated and hungry, but nothing to worry about.

Gorgeous began his search for a permanent residence soon after. He was adorable and attractive, and he drew the attention of a lovely lady. He left the shelter and went to live with his new mother.

Credits toDAR Animal Rescue

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