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Broken Hearted Due The Loss Of His Two Dogs, a Father Bursts Into Tears When Faced With a Birthday Card

When our pets die, its like losing a family member. They take part of us with them when they pass away.

This happened to James when his two dogs passed away. He was devastated so his family gave him a surprise to help him.


James Xuereb from Ontario, Canada, was surprised with a bichon frize puppy. His family captured the reaction as the man burst into tears at the new family member after the recent loss of the two dogs.

This father is broken-hearted after the loss of the two dogs.

When James lost his two dogs, Nemo and Lucy, his heart was shattered. They had been his life partners and part of his life was gone with their departure. Nemo y Lucy died from congestive heart failure. They were old but James got devasted.

Seeing James like that and after hearing the need for company, Jaleen Xuereb, his daughter, and Wanda Xuereb, his wife, understood it was the right time to bring in a new puppy.

Knowing how much James missed the dogs, the family decided to prepare a nice surprise for his birthday.

While James was sitting on the sofa, his daughter approached him and gave him a letter they wrote from the perspective of the puppy James was about to receive to bring some happiness to his life.

The card read:

.Hello, my name is Lumo. I am a male Bichon. No, no, I am not Nemo and I cant be Lucy. My mum brought me here to bring some happiness to your life. So, while we share our lives, we can create our own wonderful memories and remember Nemo and Lucy and together. With Love. Lumo.

Credit and picture:The Daily Buzz|Facebook /Jaleen Xuereb


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