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Melvin Finds A family With Room In Their Hearts For Him After Staying At This California Shelter For 667 Days

Melvin, a dog, is getting the loveliest present for his fourth birthday this year. Because, after 667 days at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA), he will now be able to celebrate this happy occasion with his own family.

Melvin has left the building!in a news statement. The shelter enthusiastically announced Melvin’s adoption. They said that the adorable doggo, who is three years and ten months old, will celebrate his birthday with his new humans. His adoptive family has a lot of expertise with giant breeds, but more importantly, they love him a lot from the first moment. A Facebook post also revealed that Melvin would have two pit bull siblings in his new home.

Before arriving at spcaLA, he was a wayward dog picked up by Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS). He had a difficult time finding his perfect mate for factors beyond his control while he was there. According to spcaLA, the color of his coat and his breed were possibly his most complex challenges. They went on to say that they did everything they could to publicize his need for a home, including posting on social media, networking, and even contacting the media, but it was all in vain.

Melvin was eventually adopted by a family that had been searching for the ideal pitbull for some years, thanks to the support of a spcaLA adoption counselor. Through the countless meet-and-greets they had, his family fell in love with him right away. They were able to adopt him because of the spcaLA’s dedication and care for its long-term residents. Melvin was able to receive top-notch veterinary care as well as hours of training from them throughout his two-year stay.

Sara Taylor, the spcaLA’s director of animal behavior and training, said that dogs like Melvin, who was with them for a long time, can benefit from hours of training and daily enrichment to become emotionally and physically resilient and secure shelter environment. They give the dogs a temporary family and tremendous emotional investment as they wait patiently to be adopted as someone’s four-legged companion.

And no one is more pleased or proud of Melvin’s adoption than his spcaLA family, who believes he is deserving of this type of love. They also seized the opportunity to express gratitude to his adopters and all of spcaLA’s supporters and patrons.

In her statement, their President, Madeline Bernstein, highlighted this, even more, noting that what they do is only possible due to their fans’ love.

You can visit their website to discover more about spcaLA, their work, and their efforts.

Source:spcaLA/ Facebook

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