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Rescuers Scale A 7,600-Foot Mountain In California To Save Three Stranded Dogs.

Several hikers reportedly saw three dogs roaming a mountain in Wrightwood, California. As word spread, so did concern about the animal’s well-being. Locals made rescue attempts, but none were successful.

The dogs did not grow up there because there had been no previous sightings. Instead, the three dogs were likely homeless siblings stranded in the area while looking for food and shelter. Hope for Paws, a California-based animal rescue organization, received a call requesting their assistance a week after they were first seen.

Soaring in the sky

Concerned that the dog would perish in the cold weather on the mountain, a two-person rescue team set out right away to save them. The two rescuers descended a steep slope from a trail, carrying a food bag. Probably the smallest of the small pack, one of the dogs must have detected the food and approached the rescuers. Her siblings were too scared to follow her and stayed far away.

They were soon able to wrap a gentle snare around her neck. After that, the stray began thrashing around, attempting to escape. This frightened the other dogs, who fled and hid. Fortunately, they could calm the smaller pup down and get her safely back to the trail.

The rescuers slowly lowered a cage into which a trap could be set to catch the other dogs. However, after hours of waiting, the two dogs refused to enter the cage and instead sniffed around it. Finally, the rescuers returned to their facility because they couldn’t wait any longer. They enlisted the help of volunteers to keep an eye on the trap.


Just as they returned to their shelter, they heard that one of the dogs had been caught, and the volunteers set the trap again. Unfortunately, the other sister was apprehended two days later.

All three were placed in foster homes and treated for malnutrition, minor cuts, and wounds. It didn’t take long for two of the three dogs to be adopted after recovering. One is still looking for the perfect family.

Source and Picture: Hope for Paws via Youtube

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