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Rescuers in California Rescued a Dog From Beneath a Shopping Cart, but You Won’t Believe How This Story Ends! An Absolute Must-See!

Concerned Van Nuys, California residents contacted the nonprofit animal rescue organization Rescue From The Heart. According to the callers, a white homeless dog lived under a discarded shopping cart in their neighborhood.

The poor dog has been struggling to survive, and they’ve been looking for someone to assist her. They provided her with food and water, but she needed to be removed from the streets due to their doubts that the dog was pregnant.

The operation was successful.

A rescue team was quickly assembled and dispatched to the area. The people who had called them greeted them and warned the rescuers that the white puppy could become aggressive. She growls whenever someone approaches her. Keeping this in mind, they decided to come here slowly and gently.

The dog began growling as expected, when she saw two ladies approaching her. Fortunately, she did not flee or become violent. Instead, the experienced rescuers were patient and waited for the dog to feel more at ease in their presence. Then, they began to provide her with delectable treats to gain her trust.

They were eventually able to feed her by hand and slip a soft leash around her neck. They were soon returning the dog to the shelter.

A new mother

The shelter staff named the dog Bailey, and she was examined by a veterinarian immediately. She was indeed pregnant, as the residents had predicted. The dog was then placed in a foster home. After two weeks, she gave birth to five adorable puppies, four females and one male.

Bailey deteriorated into a shadow of her former self. She became a contented dog after giving birth. She was always playing with her puppies when they were old enough. When the time came, the family was placed for adoption. All of the adorable puppies have found their forever homes. Their mother also received one.

Source: Rescue from the Hart via?Youtube

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