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The Owner Was Hospitalized And Never Returned, Leaving The Dog Behind, Injured, And Scared.

When a kind woman named Rocie Hernandez realized her neighbor had been gone for so long, she became concerned for his dog. She tried to gain its trust by providing food. She fed it for weeks until she noticed its limp had worsened noticeably.
Rosie decided to seek assistance without hesitation. So she contacted Hope For Paws, a charitable organization in Los Angeles. She explained the situation and agreed to meet the rescuers on the spot.
Rescue partners Katie McKittrick and Alex Babcock took on the mission to save Clifford, a tiny Chihuahua. They devised a foolproof plan to apprehend him when they realized how terrified he could be. And thankfully, their plan worked.
Clifford’s feeding station was located under the house. As soon as he crawled beneath, the rescuers surrounded him with plastic fencing. Katie then led him inside and coaxed him to where Alex was waiting. And once again,
The rescuers caught him with a net and placed him in a travel crate when the dog calmed down. First, they thanked Rosie and the other neighbors who looked after him. Then, they rushed to the animal clinic, where the puppy received immediate medical attention.
Clifford’s owner, it turned out, had cancer and had to go to the hospital. He was abandoned and forced to fend for himself for a few days before Rocie intervened. While living alone, he stepped through his collar, which had been put on incorrectly, and it became embedded in his armpit, causing a nasty and painful infection.
For the dog to fully recover, he had to endure more pain. But he felt so much better after receiving antibiotics and much-needed pain relievers. He finally began to unwind.
Clifford is now in foster care and is eager to meet his new family. But he’s young and has a lot of time ahead of him.

Credits to?Hope For Paws

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