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Sweet Golden Retriever Enjoys When Mom Sings Him A Lullaby, And The Pet’s Childlike Reaction Is Everything We Love About Dogs

Every small child requires a goodnight ritual to help them sleep, and this young Golden Retriever named Zazu does as well.

Other dogs’ parents do not spend time singing to them, but this one does.

Mom decided to sing Zazu, a popular children’s lullaby, one night, and when she started singing it, he seemed delighted.

Spoiled pet

Who wouldn’t be happy if their mother sang Twinkle, Little Star? Admit it, we all felt great when our mothers did this for us as kids.

Zazu was sprawled on his bed as mom sang, and her soothing voice must have lulled this doggo to sleep. He raised his paws and covered his face to show Mom how much he enjoyed it.

It is a sweet way to express his gratitude. Our fluffy canines will always find a way to show us how much they appreciate us.

This dog realizes how fortunate he enjoys his mother’s singing.

The golden child

Zazu’s mother sang as if she were feeling the notes inside her soul. This golden dog relished the experience, we wouldn’t be surprised if he told his friends about it.

Nothing beats this dog’s gig, and we can only wish that all dogs had access to the environment that this pet does.

His mother’s singing was effective, as this furball quickly fell asleep. We’d be sleeping in no time with a couple of head rubs and that singing.

This dog’s reaction is priceless, we can all agree that it makes for a fantastic video. So, for dog owners worldwide, you should also start doing this for your pets!

Credits to?Zazu Talks?via YouTube

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