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Professional Photographer Helps Shelter Dogs Get Adopted Through Photos And Videos

A lot of shelter dogs wait a very long time to get adopted. When they finally find the perfect hooman for them, it changes their whole life.

Being outside of a kennel gives them the chance to become normal dogs. It gives our furry friends the opportunity to live the life that they truly deserve.

So when a woman named Rita first came to a shelter to adopt her first rescue dog, she couldn’t help but think about all the other dogs who were going to be left behind. She didn’t have the means to help financially, but Rita was a professional photographer, so she decided to help them using her camera.

Rita started volunteering at the shelter where she got her dog. She took a lot of photos and videos of them, which she hoped could help other people see these doggos in a different light. Rita would often spend hours playing with these dogs and filming them to show how beautiful these fur babies are.

Little by little, her photos and videos started gaining some attention from people online. It started boosting adoption rates at the shelter, allowing these doggos to finally be in a forever home. Whenever shelter dogs leave and get adopted, this means that there will be more space for dogs who need to be rescued.

Rita also began volunteering at different shelters all over Los Angeles. Now, she can’t even count the hundreds of doggos she has photographed. Most of them have already found their forever homes and are currently living their best lives thanks to Rita’s generous heart.

Whenever these dogs walk out of the shelter, it also seems like they are aware of what’s happening, and they just couldn’t contain their excitement to take their freedom walk finally. These doggos know that they are finally with the perfect hooman and a new chapter in their life is about to start.

Video Credit: GeoBeats Animals

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