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Homeless Mama Dog Does An Excellent Job Of Caring For Her Puppies Despite Her Own Sickness

Edina Pasic, the founder of Andjeo Sarajevo Animal Shelter, a small animal welfare group in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, was on a patrol when she and her crew spotted a furry family inside the yard of an apartment complex. The puppies piled up and huddled around their mama dog. But when they sensed someone was approaching, they woke up and stared at the rescuers.

The rescuers knew right away that the mom and the puppies were scared of people, but they had to secure them no matter what it took. They offered them lots of food to try and gain their trust. But while they gladly accepted and ate the food, they were too petrified to let anyone near them.

The mama dog ate the food the rescuers provided. Later on, she nursed her babies. But soon after, she walked away and headed to the back of the property.

The entire crew agreed they couldn’t let the mama dog walk away but they also realized they could save the puppies first. So one by one, they grabbed the little ones and placed them in a travel crate Once all four puppies were safe, they proceeded to rescue the mom.

Approaching the mama dog was hard enough, and rescuing her was a whole different story. She didn’t just walk away from the rescuer. She decided to hide in between the concrete poles that piled up on the ground.

The rescuers weren’t sure if the mama dog had a vaginal tumor or a bite wound on her genitals, but they were certain something was wrong. She needed to see the vets so it was imperative to catch her the soonest possible time. They needed the help of expert dog catchers, and after three hours, they finally secured her.

Edina took the furry family straight to the vet’s clinic, where the puppies received treatment against parasites. The mom, meanwhile, had a vaginal prolapse, an old injury that became necrotic over time. Surgery could have fixed her, but it was too later so she had to say goodbye.

The mama dog kept her babies safe until she knew there was someone who could continue taking care of them. Thankfully, Edina and her crew came. Before letting her go, they promised to take care of her babies and swore to find them their loving homes once they are ready to start fresh.

Credits to Edina Pasic and YouTube/The Penguin

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