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Playful Newfie Hilariously Forgets Important House Rule While Playing With Fur Sister

Dogs, just like energetic children, love playing fun games. Even if they end up breaking a few rules in the process, our canine peers dont care so long as theyre enjoying.

With this, one playful Newfoundland forgets not to drag the pillow off the couch. No matter how the dogs fur sister reprimands him, the canine continues to do what it pleases.

Hey, Samson. Not the pillow, okay?

In this adorably fun video footage, a brown-furred Newfoundland named Samson sits comfortably in front of the camera. At first, youll think Samsons merely practicing a few poses for a pictorial.

However, Samsons fur sister named Sierra soon comes barging in the room as she practices performing some backflips. With Sierras sudden intrusion, the distracted Newfoundland cant help but glance at her.

Upon seeing Sierra landing on the couch, Samson immediately saunters towards her location to perhaps check on her. But, before the girl and her mom can stop the canine, Samson starts pulling on the large pillow where Sierras lying.

Okay, fine. Do whatever you want.

As the video progressed, Samson carries on with his energetic yanking of the sofa pillow. No matter how much Mom and Sierra dissuade the dog from doing such activity, Samson continues to do as he pleases.

At some point, the large canine even drags the pillow on the floor, much to Moms dismay. Seeing this, Sierra immediately attempts to put a stop to Samsons rampage as she sits atop the huge pillow.

But, even as Sierra puts her full weight on the pillow, theres nothing that can change Samsons mind. Without wasting a second, Samson drags the cushion across the floor even as Sierra sits on it.

How do you think Mom and Sierra reacted towards their mischievous dogs actions? Find out more by clicking on the linked video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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