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Golden Labrador Retrievers Give Us A Glimpse Of Their Not So Golden Side And It’s Hilarious

What happens when you have felines and canines in the house? Chaos. With the occasional silent moments that give pet owners their much-needed peace.

In this household, three dogs and three cats lived with their loving hoomans. You could say their love for pets was higher than what hoomans usually display.

Floor challenge

These owners set up an obstacle for their fur babies to conquer. All sorts of lipsticks, pens, and other makeup paraphernalia were placed on the floor in an upright position, a few inches away from each other.

The challenge began, and the kitties nailed it. They were so poised, elegant, and graceful that not even one of the stuff on the floor fell.

Time for the Labbies to show what they’re made of, so the first of the three canines tried it. She did okay, with just a few pens as casualties.

The second one did almost the same, so it’s safe to say that round three was their only hope to even the playing field with the cats.

Athena was the last to take the challenge. She immediately got a bit antsy, not wanting to make a mess out of all the knick-knacks on the floor.

She paced back and forth, asking for help as she did. No help came, not even from dad, so she had to develop her plan.

She picked one item by the mouth and figured that these hindrances on the floor weren’t attached to it. She proceeded to then swipe some down with her paw and succeeded.

When Athena saw how easy it was to go through the baubles on the floor, the wise pet walked and hopped through. That’s one way to do it, pet!

Way to go, all of you! Thanks for showing us that there are many ways to overcome challenges. You all did what you could.

Photo and video credits to Goldenland via YouTube

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