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Adorable Golden Retriever Smiles Every Time His Head Is Scratched

Dogs are simple furry companions that are easily pleased. All they need is a bit of petting and scratching here and there, and they are already happy. Petting and scratching is a form of bonding that triggers a dogs oxytocin known as the love hormone or cuddle hormone. This activity also reaffirms your relationship with your dog, making them feel safe and secure around you.

One Golden Retriever from Orlando, Florida, loves petting and scratching so much that he could not contain his grin. The one-year-old golden boy named Gus went viral after his owner posted a video of him smiling. Dog owner Shelby Harrison gave the adorable Gus some head scratches when the dog suddenly grinned from ear to ear.

Harrison tried an extendable back scratcher that she bought from Amazon on the charming dogs head. The back scratcher featured a claw-like hand, which Harrison used to scratch the top of the dogs head. As Harrison massaged Gus head, the golden dog suddenly opened his mouth as if he was smiling.

Hilariously, Gus returned to a blank expression as soon as Harrison stopped with her scratches. Harrison used the scratcher on his head once more, and soon enough, the canine gave her another broad smile. There is no denying that this adorable pup enjoyed those head scratches.

Head scratches are not the only thing that Gus enjoys. Harrison shared that the cute dog loves swimming, dock diving, and playing fetch. And like all other dogs, this golden pup has a big stomach that loves to eat lots of snacks.

Harrison recalled that she had Gus since the charming puppy was eight weeks old. Harrison shared that it felt surreal when she watched Gus video go viral and saw all the shared posts and comments. The video posted on Gus Instagram account already garnered 11,000 views since Harrison published it.

Source: gusthegoldenretrieverr via Instagram

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