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Obese Senior Pooch Found A Loving Home After Being Dumped On The Interstate Highway

As the saying goes, you can see a person’s actual self by how he treats animals. If this is true, it is easy to assume that Belky’s owner is cruel and vicious.

Belky is a 15-year-old dog that was abandoned on a Michigan interstate highway. Fortunately, a kind stranger noticed her and called the Saginaw Police Department. The Saginaw County Animal Care & Control (SCAAC) took her up immediately.

Belky was in poor health.

The dog was in bad shape when the rescuers arrived. Belky was obese and infested with vermin. She was taken to the SCAAC facility for treatment by the rescuers. She was also on a diet to help her lose weight safely.

The Human Society of Midland County eventually intervened and took care of her. After a while, Belky dropped a few finds, indicating she was ready to start over. The BISSELL Pet Foundation hosted an adoption event that prioritized placing older animals. And Belky proved to be a lucky pup on this occasion.

Belky found a place to live.

Belky met a young girl named Breanna Dalton at an adoption event. Breanna noticed the older dog on the Facebook page of the Humane Society of Midland County. Breanna knew the moment she saw Belky that the puppy was intended for her. So, the young lady went to the event to see the dog.

Breanna understood it was more difficult for older dogs to be adopted since people desired pups who would stay with them for a long time. This is most likely what prompted her to adopt Belky.

Belky, on the other hand, adjusted quickly to her new surroundings. She now walks regularly, naps on her orthopedic bed, and snuggles with her toys.

Image Source: Breanna Dalton via?Facebook

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