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After Being Fitted With Prosthetics, A Dog Who Had His Legs Amputated Can Run And Play Again.

Dogs are naturally energetic creatures. Unfortunately, they indulge in undesirable conduct when bored, such as digging holes in the yard or chewing on shoes. Most owners discipline their dogs by associating unpleasant emotions with unwanted behavior, such as getting water slapped in their faces or being told off in a harsh voice.
Unfortunately for a dog named Cola, he was discovered chewing on the shoes of his owner’s neighbor. As a result, Cola was violently punished by his neighbor, who slashed his front legs with a sword. Cola was seriously hurt as a result, and both of his front legs were amputated.
Despite Cola’s owner compensating his neighbor for the shoe damage, he viciously punished Cola. The Soi Dog Foundation, a local animal rescue group, was notified of Cola’s attack and quickly rushed him to the veterinarian facility.
The rescue group even paid for Cola’s veterinarian care. Unfortunately, the vets who treated him could not save Cola’s legs, and he was doomed to live his life as an amputee. It appeared that Cola would never be able to run and play again.
Cola was also handed to the rescue crew by his owner. In addition to having his legs severed, he found himself homeless and without a family to care for him. Cola appeared to be on her way to becoming a resident of an animal shelter.
Fortunately, when Cola’s injuries had healed completely, the veterinary clinic staff began work on fitting Cola with custom-made prosthetic legs. Unfortunately, the attacker was also accused and sentenced to one month in jail. Gill Dalley, the co-founder of the Soi Dog Foundation, also took Cola into her home.
Cola is finally leaving his turbulent past behind and enjoying a happy life with his new family. Cola is now spoiled by his new family, who lavishes him with belly massages, beach time, and hugs.
Thanks to the Soi Dog Foundation, Cola was allowed to run and play again. His new permanent family adores him and ensures he will never endure pain or suffering again. Here’s a touching video about Cola and how he was given a second chance at happiness.

Video and picture Inside Edition via YouTube

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