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A Blind Senior Dog Was Adopted By A Newlywed Couple Looking For A Dog To Match Their Calm Lifestyle.

Mike and Deb Harris had recently married and were seeking a dog that would suit their little family and their way of life. Deb would check the online animal listings at Furry Friends, a no-kill animal shelter in Palm Beach Gardens. Fortunately, the cover participated in an empty-the-shelters event, which allowed hopeful parents to adopt canines at a low or no fee.
The pair attended the event and came upon a fluffy blind senior dog named Sweet Potato Pie, commonly known as Pie. Deb had previously seen his portrait, tugging at her heartstrings. And they knew they wanted a calm dog, so adopting a senior dog like him made perfect sense.
When they met Pie, he was so kind, soft, and peaceful, and it was a perfect match. So, as a result, they took him home with them.
Pie’s new home was a new journey for him to manage, but he was resilient. He adjusted faster than they had anticipated. While he still sometimes knocked into furniture and walls, he had learned his steps and could smell his favorite areas.
His toughest hurdle, though, was walking on a leash. He had no idea where he was heading and might quickly tumble off the curb. Despite this, he continued on his journey. He would collapse, but he would immediately get back up.
Pie adored his new home and family, especially his father, Mike. Pie would rush around the house, looking for Mike’s voice whenever he got home. Mike and Deb began to like him fast as well. And while they were still learning the ins and outs of caring for a special needs canine like him, they were all in it for him.

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